Fresh Lamb

We raise our pasture lambs right alongside our cattle. Our cohabitant pastured animals do well together foraging. Our lambs eat weeds, our cows will not, allowing our native grasses to flourish. Because of our plentiful rains, we do not have to supplement with grains. Instead, our lambs are thriving off of minerals and beautiful native grasses and weeds. 

Fresh lamb is red meat that is rich in high-quality protein with vitamins and minerals. Our grass-fed lamb is very healthful and incredibly delicious and tender. We were shocked by the taste factor once we had our first leg of lamb. Fantabulous! Delicious, and even our little one loved every bite. We even enjoy smoked lamb chops with a side of fresh green beans. Amazingly delicious.    

If you want to know more about our lamb, give us a shout. You will not be disappointed.