Goats - Lamancha, Nubian & Boar

We have quite a variety of goats at the patch.   Lamancha goats are a unique inquisitive and lovable dairy goat with very small ears.  Nubian goats are a British/Indian dairy breed of goat.  Boar goats are a South African meat goat.  All of our goats are friendly and eager to eat!  

Llama - Ernie

Llamas are used for packing along with their meat.  There is a  saying that llamas spit at you.  Not necessarily.  Llamas use this gesture as a defense mechanism.  If someone is hogging their food or scaring them they will spit in order to get away from the anima.  Our Ernie is amazing.  He does NOT spit and he will eat right out of your hand or he gets a little fancy and wants it out of a cup.    

AGH Pigs.jpg

American Guinea Hog 

One of our two new additions is our guinea hogs.  We adore these two grazing pigs and glad to have them added to the patch this season.  



We gained our Royal Palm tom turkey last season.  He is an amazing addition to our patch.  Hopefully this season he will be paired with a couple of hens.    

Dorper/Katahdin Hair Sheep

We have chosen this type of sheep for our farm for several reasons.  First, we like the fact we don't have to shear them yearly.  Instead, their wool falls out when the weather warms up.  Second, they eat the weeds our cattle will not eat.  Third, they are a great meat producer.  We want all of our animals to have a purpose on this farm.  Did I mention they are docile?  We also have a three-legged sheep. 

That's right you need to come and meet Trey! 

He would love to see you.     

Calves - Weaned Calves

Wofford Cattle is also one of our side businesses.  We enjoy having weaned calves in our petting zoo.  All of our calves love to be fed.  

Feed the Animals

Our critters love to be petted and fed.  You can purchase feed additionally for $1.00 or with your package.