Locally Raised Beef, Chicken, Lamb, & Eggs

Finding high-quality whole foods from producers you trust is a little tricky. We're giving healthy eaters back the confidence & convenience you deserve with the highest quality 100% locally raised beef. Sharing our pasture-raised meats from our small family farm you can trust. You need to know your farmer!

We began with a fresh lean hamburger to start our journey on selling beef. It wasn't long before we were out of meat almost a month before our next butcher date. We were successfully building our customer base with Oklahoma and Texas customers.    

It soon became apparent that people did want better meat; they couldn't get it because no one was giving them access to it. Now I am the meat and egg lady at the Farmers Market and in our local community.  

We have started supplying our customers with fresh, clean, healthy, high-quality meats from our family farm to your table.   Our mission is to reshape the food system and to give everyone access to high-quality meats they can trust.

We've made great leaps towards making our mission a reality. After a long journey, we're giving families access to the unmatched flavors, health benefits, and peace of mind that come with free-range meats.

You don't have to resign to factory-farmed beef just because it's what's on the shelves. As a farmer, we can supply you with meat in an easy, convenient way.  Just remember you need to know your farmer to know where your food comes from, so shop local.