Fresh Chicken Eggs

Our chicken eggs are gathered daily.  When you pick up your eggs, you get the freshest eggs.  Our chickens are placed in the natural elements of our farm.  Looking at our farm eggs, you will notice they come in an array of colors.  They range from dark brown, light tan, green, and pinkish-tan. 


The inside of the eggs is what makes our eggs different from the store-bought eggs.  It is all in the yolk!  Because of our chicken's free-range, they are eating our natural elements with a little chicken feed to maintain the vitamins and minerals chickens need to live a healthy life. Our yolks are dark and full of vitamins and nutrients for you.


When you purchase your eggs from us, your money stays local.  We are selling our fresh chicken eggs for $4.00 per dozen.  Let us know if you would like to purchase farm fresh eggs.