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Field Trip - 411

What you need to know!

Our field trips are held Monday - Friday during the morning and afternoon availability for scheduled trips.  

We strive to ensure the field trip experience is tailored to the specific age group attending.  Our facility is an educational, fun, and structured adventure for all ages.  Each session will bring the usual field trip traditions and new surprises added for 2018.  Normally, the trip is split into stations that the teacher and his or her class will experience together, yet segregated from the other teachers and their groups.  The duration of each station ranges from 15 - 25 minutes.  Our staff members will guide each class from station to station and assist with the fluidity of the rotations.  

Keep an eye out because this years rotations will be announced soon.  The communication between teachers and our staff is important.  Each visiting school should have one teacher who is the designated to be the contact person.  Upon arrival to the patch on the scheduled trip date, the contact person is expected to see Chad or Anna Wofford to handle the payment portion.  An invoice can also be emailed to the appropriate individual prior to the visit.  Just please let us know this additional information.  We can also answer any questions, and coordinate the welcome and beginning of the trip experience.  

We are a family owned business and want to ensure you have a wonderful time at the patch.  There could be days were multiple school groups may attend the pumpkin patch.  These arrangements are made to try and accommodate all field trip requests.  Due to field trip request demands, schools are asked to assist our staff with coordinating arrival times so that each school's trip can start simultaneously with any other schools that are scheduled for the same day.  We will try our best to let you know if another school will be on site the same time your school is on site.  Please note that field trips are scheduled year-round and on a first-come first served basis.  

At the conclusion of the scheduled activity stations, schools may stay and eat lunch on the farm.  We provide picnic tables, straw bales, and ground seating on the premises.  Teachers and chaperones are encouraged to bring quilts, tarps, etc. so that everyone can spread out comfortably.  If an afternoon field trip is scheduled, the morning groups will be notified in advance so that parking and prep will not overlap between the morning versus afternoon groups.  

Field Trip Admission - $7.00 per student 

  • Admission

  • Pie Pumpkin or Two Tone Gourd

  • Bottle of Water

  • Arrow Head Necklace (Archeology Dig)

Teacher's/Administration - Teacher's Assistants - Bus Drivers - No Charge


Parents - Chaperones $5.00 each

  • Admission

  • No Pie Pumpkin

We will also be offering a meal with our school packages.  Be sure to check and see what we have to offer.   

Please refer to our Field Trip Request Form button to submit your request for a visit.  You may also email rrpumpkinpatch@gmail.com.